Dental implants have now become the gold standard for treating the edentulous spaces in your mouth. They can be used to replace one tooth or any number of teeth depending on the need or desire of the patient. The final tooth or teeth replacement(s) can be done with a cemented bridge, a removable overdenture or a single crown. Implants have the flexibility of coming in different sizes to fit the specific anatomical requirements. There are many solutions to resolving an edentulous arch problem. With just a few implants, enough to secure a denture in place, a patient can have a full arch of teeth and not have to pay for each individual tooth replacement. This is achieved by mounting a denture over a few implants. As with every treatment plan, a case analysis is necessary to achieve optimal results. Once it has been determined that implant(s) is or are the best option for a patient, a computed tomography scan (CT Scan) will be taken, allowing us to decide which size implant(s) best correspond to that patient’s needs. We are very proud to say that what sets us apart is that our office has the CT Scan for such analysis and that our implants are always placed with confidence and precision, based of that analysis. The patient does not need to go elsewhere for this imaging, which is an essential for implant successful placement.

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